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As a solution provider for digital pest monitoring, we rely on a reliable and user-friendly platform that is the core of our solutions.

Our WAINS Cloud is based on Software AG’s Cumulocity platform. This means we have a strong partner at our side and offer our customers both data security and extensive functions that go far beyond conventional monitoring.

With the WAINS Cloud it is possible to monitor digital devices, such as our own traptice insect and rodent traps. But additional sensors can also be included in the platform. This way you get all important data at a click.


Digitization does not only mean placing sensors in the field, but also drawing added value from the collected data.

With our WAINS Cloud, we create a central platform that serves you as a source of information. In addition to our WAINS hardware, such as the traptice insect or traptice rodent pest monitoring devices, you also have the option to include other sensors in the cloud e.g. via LoRaWAN.

You already use an online documentation system? No problem!

Through our API interface, you can get all the data your devices send to the cloud into other systems as well, and you don’t have to switch between programs. This allows you to provide consistent documentation and support for your customers.

High-quality built-in sensors and cameras form the inner workings of the hardware. The sensors are protected by a splash-proof housing.

traptice insect Insektenmonitoringfalle

Roles and rights

Each user is assigned their own roles and rights that allow them to view their devices and their data. These rights can be assigned either directly to groups and applications or to individual devices. This allows you to give your employees individual access to their customers and devices.

If you are using your own Enterprise Tenant from us, you also have the ability to manage your users, roles, clients, applications and rules as well as configure a number of settings for your account via the “Administration” application.

Device management

The device management is taken over by us in the basic model. This means that you only need the app to add your devices to your group and can then view all data via the interface.

If you use your own tenant, you also get access to the device management app. Here there are further functionalities for managing and monitoring the devices.

Enterprise Tenant

The WAINS Enterprise Tenant offers several enhancements to the functionality of the standard model.

These include, for example:

Advanced User Management – to create custom user roles.
Device connectivity and access to device management
Company branding – to configure an individual look & feel
Domain name – to provide a custom domain name (customer.wains.info)
User hierarchy – to accommodate organizations or individual users with limited access to subsets of shared data

Want to learn more about our enterprise model? Contact us!

Our other products

digital monitoring for insect traps
Digital Insectmonitoring

traptice® insect – is the digital condition monitoring of insect monitoring traps for pest control professionals and their clients in industry, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, and gastronomy. Learn daily what is happening on-site with your customers and be informed of infestations the moment they occur.

traptice rodent schadnager falle
Smart Rodenttraps

traptice® rodent – utilizes modern technology to monitor snap traps and reports the status of traps directly to the portal. Receive notifications of infestations promptly via email, SMS, or through interfaces directly into your documentation system. Thanks to the latest LoRaWAN standard, data is sent to the portal efficiently and reliably, conserving battery power.



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