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Analog rodent traps are under strict regulations and must be checked and emptied promptly in case of infestation. To comply with these regulations, the traps must be inspected manually. This is done either by the pest controller himself or by employees at the customer’s site and requires time and resources.


traptice® rodent – is the digital condition monitoring of snap traps for pest controllers and their customers in industry, pharmaceuticals, hotels and gastronomy. Find out immediately when something happens at your customers’ sites and use your resources optimally.


Hochwertig verbaute Sensoren und Kameras bilden das Innenleben der Hardware. Geschützt wird die Sensorik durch ein spritzdichtes Gehäuse.

High-quality installed sensors and a splash-proof robust housing form the heart of our product for digital rodent monitoring.

The device is equipped with magnetic sensors that immediately send a message into the system when a strike trap is triggered. Thanks to the energy-saving LoRaWAN technology and the compact design, the device is easy to use in practice

WEEE-Nr.: DE19995933

Batterieregistrierungsnr.: 36449725


Our traptice® rodent device can be used in various commercially available rodent traps. For this purpose, the device is placed between the two impact traps. If only one impact trap is placed in the box, during setup the second sensor can be deactivated in the app. The magnets are mounted to the bracket of the beat traps via a simple bracket.

The traps can then be placed in the field and logged into the cloud via the app.

For more information on the use of traptice® for insect infestations, click here.


Digital Monitoring

Via the cloud you organize all registered traps, whether rodent traps or insect monitors. Additional external sensors can also be integrated into our system.

As soon as a snap trap is triggered, the devices send a message to the portal. Optionally, environmental variables such as humidity, temperature or even vibration can be documented.

With the help of an appealing and clear visualization of the data such as humidity and temperature, both the infestation can be viewed and further information from the environment can be processed. Since the time span between the triggering of a beat trap and the control is particularly narrow, our system immediately sends a message to you.

Traptice Dashboard
Traptice Dashboard


Via the online system you get access to all data and information of your traps. Here we place great emphasis on data security and user-friendliness.

Each trap has its own dashboard, so you know exactly where and when which pests occurred. You can also create dashboards for specific groups, giving you a compact overview of your customers or buildings.

In addition to the appealing data visualization, you can also set alarms so that you are notified by email or SMS as soon as one of your rodent traps is triggered. This way you always keep track and can provide your customers with up-to-date information about the status on site at any time.


Each digitally equipped rodent trap regularly delivers data to the cloud. There, the information can be processed and viewed by the appropriate users.

The system allows you to map individual roles and rights for each user and user groups, so you always keep control over sensitive data.

With traptice® it is possible to combine insect monitors, rodent traps and also external devices in one platform.

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