Our whitepapers deal with the topics “Use of IoT devices for monitoring pest insects” and “Digital pest control in times of the corona crisis”. It also answers questions about the impact of digitization on the pest industry and offers useful solutions for everyday work.

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Digital Pest Monitoring: The Role of IoT Technology in Pest Control

Digital pest control in times of corona crisis

Our Products

digital monitoring for insect traps
Digital Insectmonitoring

traptice® insect – is the digital condition monitoring of insect monitoring traps for pest control professionals and their clients in industry, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, and gastronomy. Learn daily what is happening on-site with your customers and be informed of infestations the moment they occur.

traptice rodent schadnager falle
Smart Rodenttraps

traptice® rodent – utilizes modern technology to monitor snap traps and reports the status of traps directly to the portal. Receive notifications of infestations promptly via email, SMS, or through interfaces directly into your documentation system. Thanks to the latest LoRaWAN standard, data is sent to the portal efficiently and reliably, conserving battery power.

WAINS Cloud Platform

All data is centrally processed and analyzed in our cloud platform. Through the dashboards, you have access to all relevant information about all your devices. Learn more about our AI service, insect classification, and the integration of data into other systems.

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