Zeit sparen durch digitales Schädlingsmonitoring
Time saving
Business development, customer acquisition, education and training

The use of traptice® reduces your on-site deployment time with your customers. This allows you to invest more time in the development of your company, your employees and new services.

Customer loyalty
Improved customer support and customer acquisition

Contribute to the attractiveness of your company. With traptice you can support your customers remotely and stand out from the competition.

Mehr Kundenbindung durch digitales Schädlingsmonitoring
Mehr Umweltschutz durch digitales Schädlingsmonitoring
Environmental protection
Relieve the environment by using less biocides

traptice® enables an exact and prompt detection of infestation. As a result, biocides can be used even more selectively and valuable resources like the ecosystem can be conserved.


Benefits at a glance

Time saving
  • No unnecessary trips to the customers
  • Reduced effort in the evaluation of the insect monitoring
Environmental protection
  • Less use of biocides
  • Relief of the environment
  • Minimizing damages caused by
    pest infestation
Higher customer loyalty
  • Focus on taking care of the customers

  • Increased dedication on more strategic subjects

  • Support during the audit

Our Products

Digital insect monitors

traptice® insect – is a digital status monitoring of insect traps for pest controllers and their customers in industry, pharmaceuticals, hotels and restaurants. Find out daily what is happening at your customers’ sites and learn about infestations the moment they appear.

Smart rodent traps

traptice® rodent – uses modern technology to monitor snap traps and reports the status of the traps directly into the portal. Receive notifications of infestation immediately by e-mail, SMS or via interfaces directly into your documentation system. Thanks to the latest LoRaWAN standard, the data is sent to the portal reliably and in a battery-saving manner.

The WAINS Cloud

All data is prepared and analyzed centrally in our cloud platform. The dashboards give you access to all relevant information on all your devices. Learn more about our AI service and insect classification as well as the integration of data into other systems.

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