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The application of IoT-devices for the monitoring of pest insects

Due to the rapid developments in the digitization sector and the increasing networking through the Internet of Things, more complex applications and new business processes are being constantly developed. Particularly in the industrial sectors, the progressive digitalization of work steps and processes has resulted in direct advantages for both company and customers. The competitive advantage over market players can also be enormously increased by digitizing process steps and using new technologies.

This whitepaper shows you how digitalization and the Internet of Things can be used for pest control today and what immediate benefits can be gained from the increasing networking of smart devices.

Learn about the benefits of networking devices for tomorrow’s pest monitoring and how artificial intelligence can help you better support your customers.

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Digital pest control in times of corona crisis

How digital solutions enable safe and reliable pest monitoring even in difficult times.

Exceptional times require exceptional actions. 

What was unthinkable a few months ago is now a harsh reality in some parts of the world. People are no longer allowed to leave their homes, productions are closed down and the health system is pushed to its limits. 

According to experts, the current global situation will not be resolved in the coming weeks. Many companies are therefore preparing for less turnover and production or inventing new business ideas in order to survive the time of this crisis. It is now important to learn from this situation and to prepare the company, as well as its products and business models, for future exceptional situations.

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