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Conventional insect monitors need to be checked regularly.
A lot of time is required for the inspection and control of the monitors, as well as the drive to the customer. In spite of this, the infestation is often not discovered in time, as the intervals allow sufficient time for the harmful insects to multiply.



traptice® – is the digital condition monitoring of insect monitoring traps for pest controllers and their customers in industry, pharmaceuticals, hotels and restaurants. Find out every day what is happening at your customers’ premises and take advantage of the benefits.


Hochwertig verbaute Sensoren und Kameras bilden das Innenleben der Hardware. Geschützt wird die Sensorik durch ein spritzdichtes Gehäuse.High-quality built-in sensors and cameras form the inner workings of the hardware. The sensors are protected by a splash-proof housing.

The digital transmission unit sends data and recordings to the cloud. In this way, each device provides reliable and up-to-date information on the status of the monitor.

WEEE-No.: DE19995933

Battery registration number: 36449725

digitales Schädlingsmonitoring mit traptice wirkt!
Monitoring Fensterbox


Our solution is based on an insensitive, stable insect monitor that is well established on the market.

Insect pests are attracted by specific attractant tablets or pheromones and fixed by an adhesive surface.


Digital monitoring

Al-based insect detection and classification
The use of artificial intelligence enables the number and type of insects in the trap to be detected. Camera modules send live images daily to the system for evaluation.

Collection of environment variables
With the help of an appealing and clear visualization of environmental variables such as humidity and temperature, possible influencing factors that lead to an increase in infestation, can be discovered.

Traptice Dashboard
Traptice Dashboard


The online system gives you access to all data and information of your traps. We attach great importance to data security and user-friendliness.

Organize your connected insect monitors into groups and manage employees and customers easily and simply via your account.

In addition to the clear data visualization, you can also set alarms so that you are notified by email or SMS as soon as critical values occur. With this you always have an overview and can provide your customers with current information on the status on site at any time.

Eco system

Every digitally equipped insect monitor delivers data and recordings to the cloud on a daily basis. There the information can be processed and viewed by the relevant users.

The system allows you to map individual roles and rights for each user and user group, so that you always have control over sensitive data.

traptice eco system

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